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Re: The Chat Room is Open

Subject: Re: The Chat Room is Open
by Diogenes on 2007/3/5 17:25:21

That's too bad about the chat room. It's sort of what set this place apart from the other sites I've seen, the ability to type real time between like minded individuals. Still, I can see where a little peace and private time for and between the Mod's might be a necessity of sanity. On to the suggestions, I've a few:

1)Book nights; Nights specifically designated to one of the books, or one aspect from one of the books.

2) That Plato and the Republic thing may do better as a combination of open discussion night as well as opened thread, whenever it gets opened.

3)Moderated discussion events on a: Free Men (By and for free men) b: Free women (by and for free women) c: slaves (by and for slaves) in the lifestyle on Earth and how they attempt to live by the ideals of the books. Though I'd love to sit in on b and c, I was thinking more insular events for those who identify themselves in each category without the presence of anyone from one of the other two.

I think you have enough people here to do any or all of these with very little actual work involved, depending on the desired format, and also draw a good sized crowd.
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