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Re: The Chat Room is Open

Subject: Re: The Chat Room is Open
by Diogenes on 2007/3/5 21:20:26

It sort of reminded me of a time I had been invited to a party, back in the old "U" days before I discovered that I wasn't really that into molecular anything. I just started getting comfortable, meeting people, having a few laughs when out of no where the people who lived there told everyone else it was time to go. No warning before hand, no real explination, but there wasn't much point in worrying over it. Naturally like good college kids, the rest of us went off and got blitzed elsewhere, so in the end, it was all good.
But it isn't a problem that really needs any addressing. Like I said before, your house, your rules, considering all the work you folk have done here, I doubt anyone will, or should, complain overtly.

A couple of more suggestions for the mix:
1)Ideal discussion nights: picking one ideal from the books (honesty, bravery, submission, dominance, what ever.)
2)Socializing nights; come meet lifestyle Goreans to get a feel of what it is all about.
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