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Re: Enforcing Gorean Ritual

Subject: Re: Enforcing Gorean Ritual
by Cheryl on 2007/5/17 2:24:39

I never joined this forum expecting it to be a lifestyle one, I joined it because it was a mix of everyone from those who enjoyed the books, the role-players and the lifestylers as well as those who just enjoy discussing the philosophy.

It is that complete mix that interests me, I enjoy the role-play based byplay even though that has now stopped in this forum and the examples from the books that are totally opposite to the way you would behave in reality and how or if the two can be resolved.

I am well aware from my own time in role-play that the lines can so easily be blurred causing problems however when things are stated that by the books such and such could happen its as valid as try that here and the police will cart you off.

This is a place where them and us could coexist easily because I see no need for conflict as this place has no need to get defensive about certain aspects, here there should be no them and us as we are all simply enjoyers of the books and the rest is not truly relevant in this place.

Gorean real time slaves will be policed anyway by those who know what they are, and I am sure that the role-play ones will get a verbal slap if their on-line owners feel it is needed so here in this place there is no need for anyone to take notice of a persons status there are others who can do that quite legitimately without causing offence to the others in the group.

There will always be a certain amount of conflict, however conflict is necessary for a good discussion else you simply end up with…. I believe this .. so do I, and I, and I etc.

If I want just role-play I can find many places to discuss it, if I want just lifestyle again many places to discuss that, let this place be an oasis of free thought in a world ringed with high walls prison gates and barbed wire keeping out the thoughts those inside do not agree with.

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