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Re: Enforcing Gorean Ritual

Subject: Re: Enforcing Gorean Ritual
by Braveheart on 2007/5/17 12:34:56

Tal Simon,

Considering the heterogeneity of this group, I feel that your responses are exactly right. As a real "lifestyler" myself, I see no need to impose such restrictions on any of the forums, even a real life forum if such were created. The persons who sent those complaints to you are forgetting where they are, and they are looking at a much more diverse group, many of whom are not even claiming to live the philosophy, through a rather myopic lens. They need to broaden their vision. Even in the RTGL group that I help to run, which is a dedicated real life group, such restrictions are not enforced in full, because our group is open to non-Goreans also.

I just wanted to make clear that not all the "professed lifestylers" here support such rules.

I wish you well,
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