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Re: The Chronicles of Gor Online Store

Subject: Re: The Chronicles of Gor Online Store
by Veronika on 2007/10/18 20:37:27

Simon_of_Tabor wrote:
I should stress that this site will never be a money making enterprise, even though we now have a small income. That income, as Lemuel said, will enable the site to run, and develop, without the need for myself and others to fund it as we did initially, though we will of course continue to put time and effort into the site entirely voluntarily, with no expectation of financial reward.

What about adding more items to the Online Store? Items other than books, such as cute T-shirts with Gor related print, cups, key chains? All gorean of course. These can be immensly popular. They can provide additional funds while being relatively inexpensive to make. Sorry if I am getting into something I am not supposed to. We do a lot of brainstorming at work for increased revenue ideas, and I couldn't help asking this question here. Sorrrrryy :)
I do like this store. It is VERY convenient; I'll get the rest of the series here.
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