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Re: The Chronicles of Gor Online Store

Subject: Re: The Chronicles of Gor Online Store
by Simon_of_Tabor on 2007/10/20 6:29:18

Tal Richard,

We're in no danger of failing to break even.

As has been said we do not want this site to become a commercial operation, with all the overheads and pressures that entails. Simon explained well why we do not want to become dependent on sales income.

Running this site does involve some inevitable expenses, such as web hosting and domain registration fees, but we try to keep those essential costs to a minimum in order to help ensure that we will not be forced to close if we cannot meet those costs. In reality the commissions we're earning at the moment comfortably cover those costs, but even if they didn't, our essential running costs are small enough for us to cover ourselves if we need to.

As I have said we try to keep running costs to a mimimum, but that does not mean there aren't other ways in which we could use our income. It simply means those ways are not essential to the running of the site. Rest assured that we'll use any extra income we get for the good of the site.

We're here for the long term. In every decision we have taken we have tried to ensure that the site would survive no matter what happens, even if we never earnt another penny from any commissions. The site is not here to earn money, it's here to provide news and information to Gor fans, and a whole host of other resources related to the Gor books. The Online Store is simply one of those resources and we would have added something like it even if we did not earn any money by doing so. Although it isn't there to earn us money, I think it's a wise move on our part to use the opportunity provided to us to earn a little in commission, as that will not only help to ensure the long term survival of the site but it will provide us the means to make this an even better site than it is now.

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