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Copyright Posting Policy
2006/11/27 14:24
Posts: 1828
We ask that members comply strictly with the applicable copyright laws, but many people are confused about what they are - and are not. This is a short explanation of how the moderators of the Chronicles of Gor Website attempt to enforce the copyright laws in posts, pictures and files on this Website:

1. You may not post any picture unless you own the copyright. Don’t post pictures you’ve found on other sites unless it is your website and you own the copyright to the picture.

2. You may not post any article in our Articles section or as part of a post to our Forums without the prior approval of the Moderators unless you are the sole author and the article states that you are (e.g., "by Sheer Genius").

3. You may not quote in a post you make to our Forums or Chat Room any private email, letter, or journal entry written by someone else unless you provide the Moderators with a copy of the writer's written permission in advance. Similarly, you may not quote in a post to our Forums or Chat Room a post someone else made to another group or mailing list without first obtaining and providing the writer's written permission in advance to the Moderators, nor may you post any chat log or any portion of one other than the logs from the Site's Live Chat Room that Chronicles of Gor may make available to Members from time to time.

4. If you wish to quote a poem or other work of literature written by someone other than yourself, and you do not know for certain that it is not subject to copyright (generally something more than 75 years old is safe), then you must limit your quotation to no more than 10% of the entire work, which may not exceed 1000 words if the work quoted is longer than 10,000 words. You must also include the title and author(s) of the work you are quoting and the copyright notice. This is "fair use." See the U.S. Copyright Office's guidance on fair use, but please bear in mind that this policy implements in a practical way "how to do it", while the Copyright Office's guidance only explains in a much more general way "what it is". The two are consistent, but this policy reflects the pragmatic choices of the moderation team for sensible implementation.

5. Because John Norman has stated that he objects to fan fiction based upon the Gor series, such derivative works may not be posted by Members in these Forums.

6. If you wish to quote something from another website accessible to the general public, such as a newspaper or magazine article, you may quote the first paragraph or two (up to 200 words), then post a link to the remainder for the members to read the rest of the article at the website where it appears. You must also include its title, author(s) and publisher, e.g.:

"Gor Goes Mainstream," by Rabid Fan, "The New York Times" [link].

NB: If you inadvertently fail to include all required information in a post but the violation can be corrected, please edit your own post as promptly as possible by supplying the missing information or, if it cannot be corrected, by deleting the infringing material. If the Moderation Team notices such an omission before you do, you may be requested on-list to make the correction promptly. If a violation cannot be corrected, the post or the infringing portion of it will be deleted from the website's archives, which may be mentioned to the entire list, who may be requested not to include any infringing matter from the original post in their own reply. Repeated violations - or deliberate noncompliance - will result in the violator being deprived of further access to our Forums and Live Chat Room.

For further information on copyright law, see:


If you are at all confused by how to comply in your posts with any provision of this Policy, please email us at moderators@gorchronicles.com.

This Copyright Posting Policy is an explanation and illustration only of how the Moderators of this Site attempt to enforce the copyright laws in posts made to the Forums and Chat Room of Chronicles of Gor, to the extent that any likely infringement comes to our attention, though we cannot and do not review every post made. Chronicles of Gor does not represent or warrant that compliance with this Copyright Posting Policy will ensure compliance by a Member with all requirements of the copyright laws, nor does compliance therefore in any way relieve any Member of their individual legal responsibilities to ensure that their posts fully comply with the law. This Copyright Posting Policy does not supersede any applicable provisions of the Site's Terms and Conditions of Use.

Posted on: 2006/12/10 15:07

Edited by Simon_of_Tabor on 2007/2/28 14:40:36
Edited by Simon_of_Tabor on 2007/3/2 16:22:54
Edited by Simon_of_Tabor on 2007/3/16 18:58:31
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