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 Online Store FAQ
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Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 17:21 (7312 reads)
We wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to find and purchase new editions of the Gor books. If you search Amazon for a specific title it will show more than one edition of the book, which may make it difficult to locate the books you want. The Online Store only shows the new editions of the Gor books and allows you to add the books you are looking for to your Click to see original Image in a new window Shopping Cart before transfering to Amazon for secure checkout.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 03-Oct-2007 15:43 (6578 reads)
John Norman used various ancient earth societies and cultures as templates for those found on Gor. He was also inspired, to some degree, by a number of ancient philosophers. For those who might be interested in the foundations Norman used for his world, we have tried to assemble a representative list of reference books.

We tried to include books which cover the various cultures, philosophies, military equipment and tactics, etc. which appear in the Chronicles of Gor series. We also tried to include books of varying depth, from books written for the casual reader to titles which would appeal to those who want more comprehensive information.

The books in the reference section of the Online Store are intended to be a resource for YOU, our members. Of course the list we compiled should NOT be considered "authoritative" or "complete" - there are hundreds of titles which are just as good as what we've listed. If there is a book which is relevant to Gor which you think should be included, or books which are there that you think shouldn't be, PLEASE let us know. If you think there are too many categories, too few categories, or if you other suggestions on how to make the store better - PLEASE let us know.

Our goal is to make it easy for our members to find all the information about Gor they might want and to provide resources which are as useful as possible.

One step towards that goal is tha addition of links to used copies of the books we've listed so people that would like to purchase the book, but want to save a little money, can find a less expensive alternative.

Another step toward that goal, we have added links to various library search tools. We know that not everyone will want to purchase reference books, so we have included links to search various libraries - worldwide - for these or similar titles. One of the search utilities is called LibWeb.

Here is some information about LibWeb.
Library Servers via WWW
Updated daily.
LibWeb currently lists ove 7700 links to libraries in 146 countries.

Another Library Search utility for which we have supplied a link is WorldCat.

Again, if there is anything else we can do to help you learn more about Gor - PLEASE let us know.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 20:40 (4381 reads)
Yes, we do get a small percentage from each item sold through our online store. We also get a small percentage from the sale of most items purchased directly from Amazon if they are bought within 24 hours of following a link from our site.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 20:47 (4178 reads)
For most things, not everything. There are a few items for which we do not get a referal fee.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 20:54 (4321 reads)
Actually, no. The percentage we earn from sales is very small and the little money we do earn helps to keep this site up and running. There are various costs associated with running a web site that is ad-free. We have to pay for things like domain name registration, server space rental, site software purchases and upgrades, etc.

Until the books were published these things were paid for by some of the Staff with their personal funds and none of the Staff are paid - we are all volunteers here.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 21:03 (3095 reads)
No. Although we do work closely with John Norman's agent and publisher, E-Reads, we do not receive any kind of financial support from them. Until the books started selling all the money for running this site was donated by a few generous Staff members.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 21:10 (3967 reads)
No, we do not have access to any of your personal information. All the checkout procedures are handled directly by Amazon on their secure server.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 21:18 (4101 reads)
No, we get a list from Amazon of items on which we earned a referral fee and the amount we earned from that item, but there is no information about WHO bought those items. We don't even know which items were purchased by Staff members. All information about your purchase is confidential and handled exclusively by Amazon.

Requested and Answered by Lemuel on 02-Oct-2007 21:53 (9894 reads)
Here are some tips for using the Online Store Click to see original Image in a new window

First, click on the Books link in the "Main Menu" at the left side of your screen.

Select the appropriate Online Store for your country. We currently have Online Stores for the following countries:
The United Kingdom
The United States

For your convenience, and because this site is dedicated to the Chronicles of Gor, we have the new Gor books on the main page for each Online Store. There are also other categories you can browse which contain books that have some relevance to the cultural and historical backgrounds on which Gor is based, or which have been recommended by our members.

At the bottom of each category page there are links to other pages in that category. Clicking on one of the books will bring you to the page for that volume, where you can read more about that title and click Click to see original Image in a new window if you want to buy it.

After adding an item to your cart you can select Click to see original Image in a new window to return to the default page or select a category from the list on the left.

You can check what is in your cart at any time by clicking the link at the upper right of the page labeled Click to see original Image in a new window Shopping Cart.

While you are in the Click to see original Image in a new window Shopping Cart:
...you can modify the quantity of items you are purchasing by clicking in the quantity box, typing the number you wish to buy, then clicking Click to see original Image in a new window
...or remove an item from your cart by clicking the Click to see original Image in a new window button next to that item.

Once you have finished shopping, go to your Click to see original Image in a new window Shopping Cart and click the Click to see original Image in a new window button. This will open a new window and transfer the items in your cart to Amazon's site where you can complete your purchase. You will also receive a message in the Chronicles of Gor browser window telling you this. The Shopping Cart you were using at our site is emptied in preparation for future purchases. You can check this by selecting Click to see original Image in a new windowShopping Cart at the upper right corner of the window.

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