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Welcome to the Books Section of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor

Tal, and greetings, dear reader, and welcome to the Books Section of John Norman's Chronicles of Gor. This part of our website is dedicated to the sources of the wonder and the enthousiasm, the origin of the myth and the controversy, and the history and backgrounds of a single man's unique archivement, in other words, this is all about the books.

About the Books

Today, we start by giving you a complete and detailed overview of all John Norman's books, which are currently available as printed paperbacks and digital e-books, in the original English language. For each book, we have included cover scans, backcover text, bibliographical data, and links to read and buy the book. In the weeks to come, we will be adding information about the revised edition, and links to chapter-by-chapter discussions in our General Gorean Forum (members-only). Then we will add pages for all the currently available translations of the books, in German, French and Spanish. Finally, we intend to add overviews and backgrounds of all the previously published editions and translations, culminating in a staggering 1,000+ page overview of the History of Counter-Earth, a project we have humby dubbed "The Complete John Norman".

Check in often during the next few month, and we promise you, you will be amazed!

John Norman's Chronicles of Gor:
1. Tarnsman of Gor
2. Outlaw of Gor
3. Priest-Kings of Gor
4. Nomads of Gor
5. Assassin of Gor
6. Raiders of Gor
7. Captive of Gor
8. Hunters of Gor
9. Marauders of Gor
10. Tribesmen of Gor
11. Slave Girl of Gor
12. Beasts of Gor
13. Explorers of Gor
14. Fighting Slave of Gor
15. Rogue of Gor
16. Guardsman of Gor
17. Savages of Gor
18. Blood Brothers of Gor
19. Kajira of Gor
20. Players of Gor
21. Mercenaries of Gor
22. Dancer of Gor
23. Renegades of Gor
24. Vagabonds of Gor
25. Magicians of Gor
26. Witness of Gor
27. Prize of Gor
28. Kur of Gor
29. Swordsmen of Gor (Soon!)

John Norman's Telnarian Histories:
1. The Chieftain
2. The Captain
3. The King

Other books by John Norman:
Ghost Dance (Link Coming Soon)
Imaginative Sex
Time Slave (Link Coming Soon)
Norman Invasions

E-Reads Edition (Paperback)
E-Reads Edition (eBook)
Brilliance Edition (Audio Book)

The Complete John Norman by Simon van Meygaarden - (144.htm / 3.3)

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