Orion Gor Collection

Gor - The Gateway Collection

by John Norman
Orion Edition

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Gor - The Gateway Collection

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This collection comprises of the first six titles in John Norman's internationally bestselling Gor series, containing:

Tarnsman of Gor

Outlaw of Gor

Priest-Kings of Gor

Nomads of Gor

Assassin of Gor

Raiders of Gor

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Book Details

Title: Gor - The Gateway Collection
Series: Gorean Saga
Volume: 1-6
Author: John Norman
Originally Published: November 2012

Edition Details

Publisher: Gateway (Orion Publishing Ltd)
Language: English
Available Formats: E-book

E-book Details

ISBN-10: 057512248X
ISBN-13: 9780575122482
Date published: November 2012 Note: Due to territorial restrictions this edition is not available in the US or Canada.
Price (UK): £14.99 (discounts may be available)

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