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Rogue of Gor

by John Norman
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Rogue of Gor

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Learning a valuable lesson in gender roles, Jason Marshall, an Earthman enslaved by the Goreans, must prove himself on the planet Gor. Determined to find the beautiful Earthwoman who was kidnapped with him, Jason is caught in the middle of a devastating war between Ar and the Salerians. Jason must prove himself a real man and survive the war in hopes of finally finding the girl of his dreams.

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Book Details

Title: Rogue of Gor
Series: Gorean Saga
Volume: 15
Author: John Norman
Originally Published: March 1981

Edition Details

Publisher: Gateway (Orion Publishing Ltd)
Language: English
Length: 103,542 words
Available Formats: E-book

E-book Details

ISBN-10: 0575124180
ISBN-13: 9780575124189
Date published: December 2011 Note: Due to territorial restrictions this edition is not available in the US or Canada.
Price (UK): £2.99 (discounts may be available)

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