Audible Captive of Gor

Captive of Gor

by John Norman
Audible Frontiers Edition

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Captive of Gor

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In this seventh book in the Gorean Series, beautiful and headstrong Elinor Brinton of Earth finds herself thrust into the savage world of Counter-Earth, also known as Gor. Brinton must relinquish her earthly position as a beautiful, wealthy and powerful woman when she finds herself a part of the harsh Gorean society. She is powerless as a female pleasure slave in the camp of Targo the slave-merchant. Forced to learn the arts of providing pleasure to any man who buys her, Elinor is determined to escape. Nevertheless, she is sold for a high price, and her master is determined to get his money's worth.

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Book Details

Title: Captive of Gor
Series: Gorean Saga
Volume: 7
Author: John Norman
Originally Published: February 2013

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Narrator: Lexi Maynard
Publisher: Audible Frontiers
Language: English
Length: 16 hours and 6 mins
Available Formats: Download


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Date published: February 2013
Price: $29.95 (discounts may be available)

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