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Welcome to the Chronicles of Gor online bookstore.

We have different editions of our Online Store depending on your location. We have a US edition, a Canadian edition, a UK edition, a German edition and a French edition of the Store.

We set up the store to make it as easy as possible for our members to find and purchase the new editions of the Gor books. We've also added a selection of reference material related to the Gor books. We don't aim to offer every single book available on a subject, but we have tried to include the best books that cover everything a Gor fan might want to research, and allow them to go into as much or as little depth as they wish. We don't guarantee that our selection is perfect though, and if you know of a newer edition of a book than the one we list, or a better book altogether, then do let us know. We're also interested in other books that cover areas we've not yet adequately covered.

Although we do receive a small referral fee for anything sold through our Store, that is not the motivation for adding it to the site. It's there to enable our members to find Gor books, and books relating to Gor, quickly and easily. We're very much aware that not everyone will want to buy books, and also that not everyone will be in a position to pay full price, or even the Amazon reduced price, for new books. You will see that for most books in our Store there is a link for new and used copies of the book available through Amazon, and in addition to that we have links lower down on this page to other sources of used books, ebooks and also links to library searches. Please note that we may also receive a small referral fee for items purchased using the search boxes provided on this page.

Please visit our FAQs for more information about our Online Store.

Finding library copies of a book.

To locate a library copy of a book you're looking for, please use the WorldCat search facility, or you may be able locate your local library's home page using LibWeb.

Finding used copies of a book.

To find used copies of a book you're looking for either use the links in the Online Store to sources that operate through Amazon, or you can search AbeBooks, in either the US or UK, using the search boxes below.

Finding used copies through eBay.

In addition to the links above, you can also find used Gor books through eBay, using the search box below. Alternatively, to make it even easier to locate Gor books on eBay, we've added a page to this site which will list a selection of current eBay auctions relating to Gor. You will find that by clicking here.

Finding new and used books through Amazon.

If you want to find books that are not in our Store you can use the search boxes below to locate the books you want in the Amazon catalogue. Be careful to select the appopriate box for your locality!

Amazon in North America:

Amazon in Europe:

Finding ebooks.

To locate ebooks you can use the box below to search the catalogue of Fictionwise, one of the leading ebook retailers. Obviously only certain titles are available in this form though so you may not find what you want.

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