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Norman Invasions
by John Norman

Norman Invasions

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Backcover text:
For decades the creator of Gor has been writing short pieces and quietly putting them in a drawer. But at last he is ready to go public with them in this wide-ranging story collection. It includes a number of pieces with such Gorean theme as female slavery and submission. Many of the stories are philosophical monologues exploring existential and phenomenal ideas and their relation to the real world, abstract dialogues, ruminations and speculations. Some could almost be lectures embodied in narrative form. Some stories are science fiction, some horror, and some have "mainstream" settings. Among the characters you'll meet are talking frogs, a couple of independently thinking computers, and a host of philosophers, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists performing analysis on computers or intelligent alien lifeforms and even counseling them.

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Published by: E-Reads, New York
ISBN: 0759295778
Date published: August 27, 2009
Format: Print on Demand (520 pages)
Price: $25.95 (discounts may be available)

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